Australia Post will bring one of their electric delivery bikes for people to have a look at. Some information below on how Australia Post is reducing their carbon emmissions.


Our electric fleet on your street

Our army of electric delivery vehicles, which first rolled out in 2019, is now Australia’s largest electric delivery fleet. So far, buzzing around Australia are more than 4,100 electric vehicles. Over 3100 three-wheeled electric delivery vehicles (eDVs) are replacing our traditional red motorcycles, with another 500 to join the ranks this year. Our posties are also stretching their legs and clocking up kilometres with our 950+ electric bicycles in circulation. We have also converted 109 fleet cars to hybrid vehicles.

Our newest, biggest and most exciting electric recruits to join the national fleet are three electric delivery trucks with more coming soon to bring this to a total of 20 by the end of the year! The Fuso eCanter trucks are being added to Australia Post’s heavy vehicles, but being 100 percent electric with zero emissions, are minus the heavy impact on the planet.

Reducing our environmental impact Combatting climate change

Each postal delivery has a carbon footprint, whether it’s land, sea or air. In a bid to reduce our carbon emissions by 15% by 2025, reducing our own fuel emissions by converting to electric vehicles will help us combat climate change. We are also working together with our largest road and air freight providers to find ways to reduce emissions and the environmental impact on the planet.

For a start our eDVs and electric bikes cover 15 million kms each year that would otherwise have contributed green-house gases – that’s more than once around the earth every day! And in a step towards carbon zero, any electricity used by the new Fuso eCanter trucks will be offset with renewable energy certificates.

Making your streets quieter

As well as reducing air pollution on the streets, Australia Post’s electric vehicle fleet is making our deliveries a quieter affair by reducing noise pollution. A benefit to both our drivers and households across Australia, the new eDVs are almost silent. No one has to contend with the ongoing buzz of vehicle or motorbike engine noise all day.

Reaching your mailbox quicker

Although our eDVs have slower speeds than the old guard motorcycles, they can carry more post, so there is less need to return to the depot as often. Each eDV can carry 100 small parcels and up to 1200 letters helping save delivery times and the planet at the same time too.